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Done Mar 30 – UK China Institue

One of New York’s leading Fintech startups has signed an agreement for our students to visit their New York headquarters and to complete some projects with them.  


Not only will we get to visit their offices, they have asked us to involve our students in some major projects they are working on.  Very exciting times!

Targeted at Chinese entrepreneurs and entirely in Chinese language, this global program is groundbreaking in concept and design.

The last of the agreements is now in place and so we welcome the Paris Business School to our business school partnership group. Located in Europe’s largest business park, it is the largest business school by size and enrolment in the Paris metro area


There are 8 different campuses located across the globe.  All are world leading business schools.  You will study two courses at each campus – one on the first weekend and one one on the second weekend

  •  In between these courses, you will visit major corporations and highly successful startups 


  • Campuses include New York, Singapore, Manchester, Paris, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai

All courses are taught ONLY in Chinese.  

  • All fellow students are Chinese or fluent/native Chinese speakers


  • All professors are Chinese or fluent/native Chinese speakers

Your are able to complete within 18 months but you have up to 30 months to complete it.  

  • Courses are offered every 3 months at a different location
  • Other than our home base in the UK, you are free to choose the locations that suit you best or that you are most interested in