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As an alumnus of the UKChina Institute you are part of a global network of successful Chinese entrepreneurs. Each of you has completed study across multiple international locations and each of you has had access to senior government, finance and business representatives – each of whom now form part of your network.


Be part of an ongoing Wechat network filled with new information and old colleagues.  We administer vaRious Wechat groups and you are welcome to join one or more of these groups – as it suits you. 


Importantly, you are able to stay in touch with not only colleagues but also with professors and business people you met along the way.

We encourage our non-student colleagues to be part of our wechat network and so you benefit directly from this.


Many of our alumni express an interest in setting up a new business or a branch of their China business in one of the cities that they visit. 

Please reach out to us and allow us to help you do this through your new network


Refer a student to us and we will waive fees for you on a free 2 week course in one of the cities you didn’t visit during your global study program or 2 of our online courses of your choice.

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As an alumnus, your study doesn’t finish at the end of your program.  You receive a 50% discount on any future attendance of any offshore or online program of your choice.

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