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All UKChina Institute’s programs are accredited by some of the world’s leading business school accreditation bodies. Our partner university – the University of XYZ – is one of Britain’s leading universities and widely recognised for its excellence in academic performance.

In seeking accreditation from these esteemed bodies we acknowledge the role they play in the educational process.  ACBSP for example accredits over 1000 institutions globally, applying their rigorous process both at point of application as well as throughout the constant reviews and audits that follow.

Our UK University partner – XYZ University – is an esteemed institution that falls comfortably into the world’s top 10% of universities.  With a background inextricably linked to industry through its history and many ongoing industry partner programs, it is a natural fit to partner with our institution.

The level of accreditation and the connection to such a fine educational institution as XYZ University helps guarantee the quality of our program and ensure our students – past and present can be proud that their qualifications meet the exacting standard that industry demands.


All UK China Institute programs are fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Founded in 1988, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a global business education accrediting body and the first organization to offer accreditation to all levels of collegiate business educational degree programs from associate to doctoral.

ACBSP ignites a standard of excellence with an accreditation process based on the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence. By evaluating aspects of leadership, strategic planning, relationships with stakeholders, quality of academic programs, faculty credentials, and educational support, ACBSP assesses whether or not business programs offer a rigorous educational experience and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

The UK China Institute has received accreditation for its programs through from The Association for TransNational Higher Education Accreditation.

The Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation (ATHEA) is a voluntary, non-governmental, membership association that is dedicated to quality assurance and improvement through accreditation via peer evaluation. Accreditation by Board of Commissioners instills public confidence in the institutional mission, goals, performance, and resources through its rigorous accreditation standards and their enforcement of those standards. ATHEA’s Standards for Accreditation are based on the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) required for recognition by the European Quality Assurance Register in Higher Education (EQAR).

Our institute is accredited with The International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). IACBEm  formerly the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, was founded in 1997 in response to the expressed needs of higher education administrators, business program leaders and faculty who wanted an accreditation process that was mission-driven and outcomes-based. Since that time, the IACBE has grown into the leading outcomes-based professional accreditation agency for business and management education in colleges and universities whose primary purpose is excellence in teaching and learning. The IACBE has hundreds of member institutions with campuses worldwide, and has accredited thousands of business and business-related programs worldwide. 

The mission of the IACBE is to advance academic quality in business programs through evidence-based accreditation that encourages institutions to build unique educational models to reflect their mission and vision.


XYZ University was founded in 1911 and started originally as…..


UK China Institute is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is a not-for-profit corporation of educational institutions, corporations, and other organizations devoted to the promotion and improvement of higher education in business administration and management. AACSB International is the professional organization for management education and the premier accrediting agency for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in business administration and accounting. The association was organized in 1916 and now includes more than 927 members worldwide.

The UK China Institute is a practically oriented, accredited business school based in London, England, with programs in 8 different locations across 5 different continents.

It is our aim to provide Chinese entrepreneurs with a global perspective – academically, commercially, culturally and socially. It is not enough to learn in the classroom – learning has to be holistic and include the workplace, government and a broader society.


Our mission is to provide access for globally minded Chinese entrepreneurs seeking to evolve their business learning and to connect with like-minded business people around the world.

Fellow students, globally leading academics,  foreign government officials and leaders of industry are connections we seek to make for our program participants.

Compressed into 6 by 10 day blocks of teaching over 18 months, our flagship MBA program provides a platform for a deeper academic understanding and better commercial links at a global level.  

Our PhD and DBA programs take this one step further by allowing our Chinese entrepreneurs to dig deep into their chosen fields and work with global academic leaders to seek global commercial truths.


With our home base in the UK, students study in England and a choice of many other locations including New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai just to name a few.

Unlike other programs, there is no need to be able to speak any language other than Chinese.  Not English, not the language of the country you are visiting – just Chinese.


 Your fellow students are just like you – a successful entrepreneur.  Many have global businesses and all have one thing in common – all are Chinese.  

It’s not just about the classroom or the experiences in the countries in which you study it is also about the new friends and colleagues you will make along the way.




While most university programs require regular weekly attendance, ours only requires you to attend 10 days at a time.  During that time, you will visit two locations – New York and Paris, for example – and complete 2 courses.  Each course is tailored to the location and will highlight the competitive dynamics of that geographic location.  The course in each of those locations also reflects the strengths of the location – finance in New York, for example.  




You will attend both classes on weekends.  During the week, you will be part of a carefully curated delegation/study tour.  

These delegations visit high level business and government contacts and hear from industry/government experts just what is involved in successfully doing business in that country.

These connections are yours forever and form the basis of your global business network.



MOVE ONTO A PhD or DBA if that suits you

Many entrepreneurs are seeking higher level qualifications or will do so after completing the MBA.

Our PhD and DBA programs are tailor made for this.  They are globally accredited and provided in conjunction with a world leading university.