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Frequently Asked Questions – UK China Institue


There are 8 different campuses located across the globe.  All are world leading business schools.  You will study two courses at each campus – one on the first weekend and one one on the second weekend

  •  In between these courses, you will visit major corporations and highly successful startups 


  • Campuses include New York, Singapore, Manchester, Paris, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai

All courses are taught ONLY in Chinese.  

  • All fellow students are Chinese or fluent/native Chinese speakers


  • All professors are Chinese or fluent/native Chinese speakers

Your are able to complete within 18 months but you have up to 30 months to complete it.  

  • Courses are offered every 3 months at a different location
  • Other than our home base in the UK, you are free to choose the locations that suit you best or that you are most interested in