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There are 8 different locations you can choose to do your MBA or visit to gain insight for your PhD or DBA.  

With your MBA, we choose one for you (the UK) and you choose the other 5.  Visit these business schools over 18 months and you have finished your MBA!


Manchester is a city rated as the most liveable in the United Kingdom.  Traditionally the heart of British manufacturing, over the last 30 years it has transformed itself into one of premier business and technology centres of Great Britain.  It is the largest commercial city in the north of England and home to many tech start ups and established businesses that are global leaders in their field.

Music and culture are both key features of this city and have played important roles in the recent development of Manchester.


Why Manchester?

Manchester is a technology hub and centre of innovation in the United Kingdom.  The ability to review tech start ups in a UK/European context is unique in the country and provides real insight into the way Fintech and blockchain are evolving in this part of the world.


Programs Available

Fintech in Europe and the UK – innovation and regulation

Doing Business in the UK


City Facts

  • Regularly rated the most liveable large city in the UK
  • 5th largest city in the UK
  • Home to a thriving technology and education sector
  • Commercial capital of the North of England


Our Partner

Our partner here is our main university partner. Not only do you have access to a world class university but this is also the university that will provide you with your final degree.

Please consider this university as your home university


Interested in joining the MANCHESTER program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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The City of Lights

While Paris is home to great sightseeing and wonderful cuisine, it is also home to Europe’s largest Industrial Park at La Defense.  Global French businesses sit alongside many international ones, representative of Fortune 500 companies and global banks alike.

It is also the political and administrative capital of Europe wedged between the two other great commercial and political capitals of London and Brussels.


Why Paris?

Take the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s great cities but also recognise the commercial opportunity you have while being in Paris.  From retail to hospitality to finance, this is truly one of the world’s great business capitals.  It is also just 45 mins by train to Brussels, capital of the European Union.


Programs Available

Negotiation in Europe

Doing Business in Europe


City Facts

  • Number One tourist city in the world
  • Number One Industrial Park in Europe
  • 8 million residents
  • Easy Access with high speed train to London and other parts of Europe


Our Partner

Our Paris-based partner is located in the largest Industrial Park in Europe – La Defense.  It is the 6th ranked business school in France  and is part of the exclusive club of ‘Grand Ecoles’ that make up the elite business schools of France.  It was the first business school in France to deliver its programs in both French and English and they are excited to be doing this in Chinese for our students.


Interested in joining the PARIS program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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Pure Energy

New York is one of the world’s most exiting and energetic cities.  Filled with promise, it provides a platform to launch into the rest of the USA. Both commercial and financial capital of America, it is the home to the world’s largest stock exchange and one of the world’s biggest property markets.

While also being a political capital in its own right it is just a 45 min plane ride to the actual capital, Washington D.C.

Why New York?

Access to the NYSE and NASDAQ and home to major retail, commercial and investment banks, New York represents access to capital that almost no other city can.  A thriving property market, wonderful lifestyle and head office to many of America’s Fortune 500 companies, it makes for a compelling reason to join our program here.


Programs Available

Finance and Capital Markets

BlockChain and Cryptocurrency

City Facts

  • 12 million people
  • World’s largest stock exchange
  • Major commercial and real estate hub
  • Many different cultures contributing to a broad range of culinary and cultural experiences

Our Partner

Our university partner is part of New York City’s largest public university.  Steeped in history, it has been providing quality education to New Yorkers and others for over 100 years.  Located on Manhattan Island, it enjoys a central location and a quality reputation that is the envy of many.

Interested in joining the NEW YORK program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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The Jewel of Asia

A city with an incredible history, it is the undisputed centre of commercial activity in China. Set on the majestic Huangpu River, the old side of the city is a wonderful complement to the new shiny skyscrapers of Pudong that sit adjacent to it.  Not just a city of business, it is also a city of learning and culture with a reputation for being China’s most international city.


Why Shanghai?

Shanghai provides access to finance and industry and sits in between the major commercial provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang with the entire combined area home to nearly 150 million people. With an global reputation and an international flavour it is one of China’s principle conduits to the world.


Programs Available

Global Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence


City Facts

  • Population of over 25 million people
  • Most international population of any Chinese city
  • Generally regarded as the gateway to and from the world
  • GDP larger than each of 100 countries in the world


Our Partner

Our partner is a prestigious Chinese University.  It is listed in the  Number 10 in China both as a business school and as a university.  Set in the leafy grounds just north of the city centre, it boasts an enviable history of educating some of the finest business minds in China.


Interested in joining the SHANGHAI program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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Tokyo is a city with more than a thousand years of history.  Both the cultural and actual capital of Japan, it has a combined population, with the adjacent city of Yokohama, making it the largest city in the world.  Home to many of Japan’s premier businesses it represents some of the best practice in industry in the world.

Technology and manufacturing go hand in hand in Tokyo.


Why Tokyo?

World leading manufacturers such as Toyota, Sony and Sumitomo have their headquarters here in Tokyo.  Both large and small businesses thrive in this international commercial environment. Furthermore, it has a reputation for some of the finest cuisine in the Asian region with the Tokyo fish market being at the centre of that culinary experience.


Programs Available 

Asian financial hegemony

Lean Manufacturing

Doing Business in Japan


City Facts

  • Tokyo-Yokohama is the world’s largest city
  • Home to the first high-speed trains in the world, other major Japanese cities such as Osaka are a mere short train ride away
  • Premier entertainment precincts boasting some of the finest cuisine and entertainment in the world
  • One of the oldest and most traditional cultures in Asia


Our Partner

 Our partner business school is on the Tokyo campus of a global network of business schools under the umbrella of a leading US University.  Currently teaching in both Japanese and English, they welcome the opportunity to share their programs with you in Chinese.


Interested in joining the TOKYO program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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Despite its relative small geographic size, Singapore is a country with one of the world’s largest economies, in the middle of the world’s largest economic zone.  At the heart of South East Asia, it has a relatively modern history of taking on much larger countries when it comes to business and winning. Pivotal to both South East Asia and Asia generally, its highly educated workforce and low tax regime are compelling.


While many countries try and claim the title to world’s greatest food, Singapore has a legitimate case.  A blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian makes it a truly unique food experience.


Why Singapore?

English and Chinese speaking, with one of the highest rates of university educated population in the world, Singapore represents a unique opportunity for foreign investment within the region.  With no natural resources other than people power and very low tax rates it is a foreign-friendly regional destination for business people.


Programs Available

 Doing Business in South East Asia

GlobalPeople Management


City Facts

  • Just 5 million people
  • Ranked No. 12 for GDP per person
  • High education and literacy rates amongst the population
  • Easy access to other parts of Asia
  • Singaporean culture with a blend of Chinese, Indian and Malay


Our Partner

 Our partner is a genuine university that has a history of working closely with industry.  Starting its life as a business institute run for and by business people, it has emerged as one of the preeminent business schools in South East Asia.


Interested in joining the SINGAPORE program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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Sydney is set on what is arguably the world’s most beautiful harbour.  It is also home to many of Australia’s premier businesses and most of it’s major banks and financial institutions.  It is also the spiritual home of Australia’s advertising and communication’s industry.  Set in a significant downtown area and beside the ocean, it promises both a serious and a playful side when you visit.


From the centre of the city to the world famous Bondi Beach there is no shortage of energy and activity in this great city.


Why Sydney?

Australia is one of the world’s leading economies and has one of the world’s highest standards of living.  Home to a significant Chinese population, Sydney is a showcase of natural beauty and serious commercial discussion and activity.  Truly it is Australia’s global city and provides a link to other significant economies in the region such as China, Japan and Singapore. 


Programs Available

International Trade and Free Trade Agreements

Global Advertising and Communications


City Facts

  • 5 million people
  • Ranked amongst the 10 most liveable cities in the world
  • Major two-way trading partner with China
  • Commercial capital of the country
  • Number 1 lifestyle city in Australia



Our Partner

Our university partner is located in the centre of the city and not far from the iconic Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House.  Ranked amongst the top 3 universitis in Sydney, it is amongst Australia’s premier universities and enjoys an enviable reputation internationally, particularly in China.  With a background in both business and technology it is well positioned for the educational requirements of the 21st century.


Interested in joining the SYDNEY program either for our MBA or DBA course?

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Located in South America’s largest country, Sao Paulo is the commercial capital of Brazil. Rich in natural resources and a welcoming people Sao Paulo provides an opportunity to understand the dynamic nature of both South America and Central America.  It is a city at the heart of most serious decision making and provides a platform for understanding many of the other key cities and countries in the region.

More than just a commercial hub, it is also home to the energy and spirit of the Brazilian way of life.  Easy access by short plane ride to the nearby cities of Rio De Janeiro and Brazilia making it a compelling destination.


Why Sao Paulo?


It’s natural connection to China is through its abundance of natural resources. It is home to the world’s 2nd largest iron ore company and central to so many decisions that effect the region generally.  Both regional economic pacts and the China/Brazil Free Trade agreement represent huge opportunity for Chinese business.


Programs Available

South and Central American regional Trade Agreements

Managing Projects in Brazil



City Facts

  • Native language is Portuguese, not Spanish
  • Largest city by population and GDP in Brazil
  • Key player in negotiation of trade agreements within the region
  • Less than 2 hours by plane to Rio De Janeiro and Brazilia (the capital)


Our Partner


Our partner is located within the largest Industrial Park in Latin America.  It is one of Brazil’s premier business schools and is a key provider of educational courses both to Latin American and global businesses. 


Interested in joining the SAO PAULO program either for our MBA or DBA course?


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